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Moscow region, Khimky city, airport Sheremetyevo, Sheremetyevskoe highway, house 9

We know how to handle any type of cargo

We ensure cargo safety within the whole handling process.

One of the largest terminals in Moscow aviation hub

Up to 30 trucks can be loaded simultaneously.
minutes — time of preparing cargo for release to client (for cargo flights).

We provide wide temperature range from -25°С to +25°С when transferring cargo across the ramp and at the warehouse.

З4  separate areas for storage of temperature sensitive cargo, GDP validated storage rooms.

Valuable goods warehouse is an isolated premise with safe storage and multilevel access system.

Rooms for live animals with special temperature conditions and humidity level.

Dangerous goods are handled at a separate warehouse independently from other cargo.

°С — the accuracy of temperature measurement in cooler rooms.

Built-up ULDs storage area

Handling of big shipments and built-up ULDs is done in a specially equipped area.

Own software

Operations and resources mangement is performed using own software, providing online control over all processes.

Optimal location

The terminal is located close to aircarfts parking places.

Warehouse facilities

The warehouses of «Sheremetyevo-Cargo» always get modernized to improve warehouse logistics and to make warehousing and delivery procesess faster.


From the Soviet heritage to hi-tech cargo terminal.

Till 1991 the cargo complex was a part of a signle Central office of international air transport.

In the year of 1991 a lease company called Automatated cargo complex was created. In the result of privatization by company's workers in 1993 "Sheremetyevo-Cargo" JSC was founded.


The terminal actively increased its production capacity. The company divisions were created and modernly equipped, IT systems were developed and implemented, the range of services was extended, new warehouses were built.

Own trucks were purchased. The ramp equipment was extended with new units.


In 1998 in cooperation with «Integprog» company IT-system «RussLand» was developed. The system stores information about all operational processes.

In 1998 «Sheremetyevo-Cargo» joins FIATA.

Starting 1999 «Sheremetyevo-Cargo» annualy gets IATA complience certificate, and takes various audits by Russian and foreign companies.


In the year of 2000 sytem of automatic weight registration in air waybill gets implemented, same year the company starts using IATA conforming barcoded cargo labels.

Automation of processes and introduction of new technologies require special knowledge and skills. For training and qualification of employees in 2001 the company created its own training center.

Since 2001 the company joins association of Russian expeditors.


In 2004 «Sheremetyevo-Cargo» together with specialists of ILC «Aerograd» developed a multi-level security system, which provides mandatory registration of all persons and vehicles in information system.

In August 2008, the company successfully passed the audit of the TSA to ensure security measures on direct flights to the United States of America.


In 2010-2011, during the reconstruction of the cargo ramp at SVO 1 the company provides flight handling services to AirBridgeCargo airlines.

In 2012 the company starts handling of all flights of Aeroflot airlines, including domestic directions.

In 2013 the company starts active introduction of smart phones and tablets to record actions and location of personnel while performing handling operations.


In 2014-2015 the company puts into operation the system of operational control and monitoring of each employee involved into handling operations, which uses a unique technology of video registration using personal video recorders.

In 2015 "Sheremetyevo-Cargo" stops handling of "Aeroflot" flights because airline changed its cargo operator, after "Sheremetyevo-Cargo" starts handling of following airlines: Ikar, Nordavia, Air Baltic, Tarom, MIAT, Royal Air Maroc, Air Malta, Travel Service, Sichuan Airlines, Tianjin Airlines.


In 2016, the company began an extensive renovation of the warehouses of the main terminal: dismantling of high-rise warehouse, the reorganization of the cargo handling areas.

In 2017 «Sheremetyevo-Cargo» starts to handle 3 new airlines, total number of parner airlines reaches 38.


Our team is ready for any cargo handling challenges.

Average work experience of our satff members is 12 years.

Life and health of our employees are priceless. Staff safety is the main priority of our company. Work conditions at «Sheremetyevo-Cargo» fully comply with terms of Russian law and industry standards.

Our employees sincerely love their work, that is why the customers of "Sheremetyevo-Cargo" always see the goodwill of the team and willingness to help in any situation.

Senior managers

Baykov Konstantin
Deputy CEO for Strategic and Digital Development
Startsev Alexey
Deputy General Director for Security
Yakunin Evgeny
Deputy General Director for Quality
Igor Golovatuk
Operational Management Director
Vladimir Nikulin
Deputy Sales & Marketing Director
Nikita Popov
Operations Director
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