About the shareholders of Sheremetyevo-Cargo JSC
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About the shareholders of "Sheremetyevo-Cargo" JSC

Dear Customers,

In order to confirm that the activity of “Sheremetyevo-Cargo” JSC is open and transparent, we inform you that the following persons are the shareholders of “Sheremetyevo-Cargo” JSC:

  • Joint-Stock Company “Sheremetyevo International Airport” (8.9% of the authorized capital of “Sheremetyevo-Cargo” JSC);
  • Information and Logistics Center “Aerograd” Limited Liability Company (2% of the authorized capital of “Sheremetyevo-Cargo” JSC);
  • individuals in total 271 people (89.1% of the authorized capital of “Sheremetyevo-Cargo” JSC), each of which owns no more than 5% of the authorized capital of “Sheremetyevo-Cargo” JSC.
  • The Board of Directors of “Sheremetyevo-Cargo” JSC consists of Sergei Viktorovich Andreev, Aleksandra Vasilievna Zelenova, Aleksandr Sergeevich Mitin, Vladimir Ivanovich Novikov, Tatiana Iakovlevna Strakhova. Vladimir Ivanovich Novikov is the General Director of “Sheremetyevo-Cargo” JSC.

    There are no citizens and legal entities of foreign states in the composition of shareholders and management bodies of “Sheremetyevo-Cargo” JSC. None of the shareholders of “Sheremetyevo-Cargo” JSC or persons who are the members of the management bodies of Sheremetyevo-Cargo JSC are under sanctions from any of the countries.

    There are also no beneficial owners who directly or indirectly own more than 25% of the shares of “Sheremetyevo-Cargo” JSC or are entitled to control the actions of “Sheremetyevo-Cargo” JSC.

    Best regards,
    Administration of
    “Sheremetyevo-Cargo” JSC

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