Cargo handling
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Cargo handling

Our company has established itself as a reliable agent for ground handling of air cargo. While working with biggest Russian and international airlines, shippers and consignees, cargo agents - our permanent aim is to maintain high handling standards.

Our terminal is properly equipped to handle all type of cargo, transported on international and domestic flights:

  • high technical level of warehouses, including special goods warehouses, great operational capacity;
  • our Transport Aviation Security Department, which has all necessary equipment;
  • Qualified experinced personnel, own training center;
  • implementation of innovative IT-solutions developed by our own IT department;
  • CCTV system includes over 700 cameras, provived 100% coverage of all handling areas.

Own trucks allow us to perform to-door delivery to our clients, including perishable cargo.

We pay great attention to cargo acceptance process. We make photos of all damages and accordingly send reports to airline, includinmg reports created on the basis of individual requirements of airlines.

General cargo

Our handling and storage facilities include the following:

  • export cargo storage areas – up to 400 tons at a time;
  • import and trasfer cargo storage areas – up to 1200 tons at a time;
  • breakdown area – 3500m2 , it allows to keep in the area up to 40 PMC pallets at a time.

The warehouse facilities include differnt areas of on-floor and shelf storage. The container storage area allows to keep cargo on aviation pallets Q7 (height up to 305 cm). Total capacity of this area:

  • for pallets Q7 – 44 PMC + 10 cells for 20ft pallets;
  • additionally for Q6 pallets – 76 PMC + 10 cells for 20ft pallets;

Perishable cargo

We pay special attention to safety of perishable and temperature sensitive cargo.

The terminal has 32 tempearture controlled rooms providing temperature conditions from -25⁰С to +25⁰С, part of our rooms are validated against GDP standard. We provide separate storage of different types of cargo:

  • pharmaceutical goods;
  • meat;
  • cheese and milk products;
  • fish and seafood;
  • chemicals;
  • vegetables, fruits, herbal products;
  • human remains;
  • quarantine products;

Constant step-by-step control over operations and temperature monitoring allow to complete all operations and store temperature sensitive cargo within 3 hours after flight arrival.

All temperature controlled rooms are integrated into unite temperature control system, which has automatic alarm for emergency cases. Control is provided 24 hours a day.

The warehouse is equipped with thermo-active containers storage zones (RAP/RKN up to 10 units). All staff operating with thermo-active containers took an approriate Envirotainer training. At least once in 3 hours we check the operation of thermo-active containers currently stored at our warehouse.

Above measures ensure preservation of the quality of temperature-sensitive products and perishable cargo within the whole handling period at "Sheremetyevo-Cargo".

Dangerous cargo

We have a separate warehouse for dangerous cargo. All involved staff took special training against IATA and ICAO categories 6 and 8.

We are able to handle any categories of dangerous cargo:

  • 1 dangerous class - explosive materials;
  • 2 dangerous class - compressed gas, liquefied and dissolved under pressure;
  • 3 dangerous class - flammable liquid;
  • 4 dangerous class - flammable solids and substances, self-igniting goods and substances, cargo and substances that emit flammable gases in contact with water;
  • 5 dangerous class - oxidizing substance and organic peroxides;
  • 6 dangerous class - toxic substances and infectious goods and substances;
  • 7 dangerous class - radioactive material, excluding fissile;
  • 8 dangerous class - caustic and (or) corrosive cargo and substances;
  • 9 dangerous class - other dangerous goods and substances.

Live animals

We have special temperature controlled rooms for live animals. If necessary we can provide food and water to animals.

"Sheremetyevo-Cargo" has a great experience of handling rare animals, we handled a lot of circus animals.

The terminal has special area for loading big shipments of farm animals. After loading such shipments we perform disinfection of handling areas.

We offer special services for such shipments:

  • cells deconstruction;
  • cleaning and desinfection of aviation pallets and belts.

Heavy and oversized cargo

For handling heavy and oversized cargo we use wide range of special technics:

  • Forklifts with capacity up to 13 tons;
  • Crane with capacity up to 32 tons (if necessary we can rent a crane of greater capacity);
  • Beam crane with capacity up to 12,5 tons.

We have specially equipped area for storage of heavy and oversized cargo .

Valuable, diplomatic, VUN cargo

Terminal "Sheremetyevo-Cargo" has special areas for diplomatic and VUN cargo.

Valuable cargo is handled at a separate warehouse with restricted access. Handling of valuable cargo is done under 100% control of our Transport Aviation Security Service.

Express cargo

We have a special acceptance area for express cargo, we can accept big volume of express cargo 1,5 hours before flight departure.

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